A conceptual representation of cloud computing and data management, showing a hand typing on a laptop with digital icons of a cloud, user profiles, location pins, and multimedia symbols overlaid, suggesting connectivity and networked services.

5 Reasons Data Backups are Crucial for a Business

June 25, 2021

Ransomware attacks and newsworthy data breaches are in no short demand in recent years. According to recent research, nearly 2,244 cyberattacks happen each day globally on average. To make matters even worse, many of these attacks specifically target businesses to obtain sensitive data that they may have available. While large enterprises have a swath of…

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2d illustration of Cloud Computing

Tips to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

June 11, 2021

Anyone who keeps up with technology-based news likely knows how common data breaches are among modern businesses. While a large swath of these businesses has turned to cloud-based solutions to improve productivity, encourage savings and allow for scalability, many business owners still worry that these solutions are less secure than having on-premises data centers might…

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A fish hook protruding through a laptop, tablet, and cell phone

How Do Phishing Attempts Harm My Business?

May 31, 2021

Scam emails known as “phishing” have become incredibly popular in recent years, even though they have been a constant problem since the initial availability of email. Modern phishing attempts are cleverly crafted to not only look like they are coming from a legitimate business but can often even mimic the sending name of organizations that…

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